About Guru ji

Born to Himmat Bahadur Sharma and Gyani Devi on July 10, 1957, Shailendra Sharma is the fifth guru in the lineage of the great Babaji Maharaj, his disciple Shyamacharan Lahiri Mahasaya, his son and disciple Teenkori Lahiri Mahasaya, and his son and disciple Satyacharan Lahiri Mahasaya.
In 1979, when Shailendra was 22, a series of deaths occurred in his family which made him wonder about the phenomenon of death and after life. This brought about such a profound change in him that he abandoned all plans of a career; he had been selected as an officer in the Indian Army. The same year he left home in search of his guru. He roamed around all over India and met hundreds of sadhus and so-called gurus, but none could answer his questions.

He finally met his guru, Satyacharan Lahiri Mahasaya, in September 1982 in Banaras - three years after his quest began. Just eighteen months after his initiation, his guru declared him the next guru in this lineage. Shailendra's guru died in 1987. At this time Shailendra was practicing about fourteen hours every day. Slowly he started to realize that there were some missing links in the higher practices of Kriya. All his doubts were cleared by the great Babaji himself who visited him in Banaras and gave him some higher practices in Kriya.
Shailendra later wrote commentaries on Bhagvad Gita, Yoga Darshan, and Shiv Sutras. Shailendra came to Govardhan in 1993. He has been residing at the royal cremation grounds (Chhatris) of the Rajas of Bharatpur ever since. This place is highly mystical and unique. Here he found a natural Shiva Lingam and installed it on the cremation site of a late Raja. He works out at the gym, reads American comics among other things, and meets his disciples and visitors every afternoon.

Shailendra Sharma

Shailendra Sharma is a kriya yoga guru - the fifth guru in the lineage of the great immortal yogi guru, Babaji. His discoveries regarding Mother Earth, the consciousness of the Time and the Void, the mysteries of Samadhi, and the mechanics of karma have paved the way towards an understanding of the very mysteries of creation. Kriya Yoga is the most advanced, direct, and scientific method towards the realization of self. Most treatises on yoga go silent after a description of Khechari Mudra. In Kriya Yoga, the first level is about achieving Khechari. After that, one can practice up to eleven levels. Residing at the mystical royal cremation grounds (Chhatris) at Govardhan since 1993, Shailendra Sharma meets the seekers of truth every afternoon.